Elsie Njuguna

Perfected Wealth Management, Client Service Lead

Elsie Njuguna was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She grew up in a family where entrepreneurship was the norm. Her father had multiple businesses and her mother was a pharmacist who owned a thriving pharmacy. Elsie graduated from Strathmore University with a double major in both Accounting and Finance. After graduating, she won a specific lottery (like 1 in a million) that allowed her to receive a special Green Card to try life in the USA. She was a bit nervous, but took a step a faith, and has not looked back since. Elsie officially became a citizen of the USA in February of 2020.

Elsie started her career in finance in 2011 with Bank of America. In 2014, she then shifted into Wealth Management working along side an independent financial advisor as a Client Associate. In 2015, Elsie helped launch Perfected Wealth Management and has since played a significant role in both business operations and client service. She has a passion for financial planning, and loves to see the clients of Perfected Wealth Management succeed in all areas of their lives.

On a personal note, Elsie resides in the beautiful Irvine, CA. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, walks on the beach, and drinking coffee with friends.