At Newcastle Financial Advisors we provide individuals and their families with comprehensive financial services including financial planning, investment management, asset preservation, and coordination of estate planning and tax planning, as applicable. Many clients first come to us due to a single issue or need, such as a retirement plan rollover or life insurance concern. For many, retirement planning counsel and investment management are primary concerns.

We want to help you identify and prioritize your financial goals as well as assess your current financial situation. Through a multi-step financial planning process, we develop long-term strategies to help you realize your financial goals and account for “what if” scenarios and life’s inevitable, if not always predictable, changes. 

Through the years, we will continue to monitor your investment progress against the goals laid out in your financial plan. We will meet with you regularly to evaluate and update your plan as needed. Mostly, we will be here as an objective advisor for any and all of your financial decisions. Being confident that your financial affairs are in order is our overriding goal.

Contact our strategic partner, Silverberg & Cook, Inc., for tax and accounting services.   Silverberg & Cook

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